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Where would we be without the internet? Even though the internet is still fairly new, all things considered, it has been a huge part of entry and mid-level author growth in the recent past. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube and Myspace have all been integral stepping stones in this process. We here at FindTheAxis would love to help grow your virtual footprint by giving you the opportunity to send us your most recently released book, whether that be paper, kindle or audio/podcast, and we will post it on our blog, Facebook group page and Tweet about it (also, if you have a book trailer, we will post/favorite that as well). All that we ask in return is that you follow/friend us in each of those places we use to promote you. What? You don't have an account in one/any of those spots... what's stopping you? Get out there, be social and promote you! As much as all you may want to do is write, fans love to be able to interact with their favorite authors (and thus purchase more of your products as they become available).

Of course, as this is a free service, any donations would be accepted to offset time spent - but not required.

We cannot grow without you, so be sure to spread this around to your family/friends/fans so they too can enjoy the books out there not getting the press they deserve! Also, please realize that as much as this is business and a highly competitive market, support your fellow authors/writers - you never know who may come back to help you! I've seen a lot of the 'pay it forward' mentality in the community, let's keep it going.

For further inquiries, to review one of the books posted on our blog, or to send us your info, please contact us.


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The following information must be sent for a proper posting -
---------------Book description
---------------ISBN (if appropriate)
---------------Book genre
---------------Where the book can be --------------------------------------found/purchased
---------------Cover/book trailer
---------------Links to be followed/contacted

---------------Free promo copies (if appropriate)
---------------Contests, etc that coinside with ---------------------------the book and links

**Please, be sure to only send your latest book if already released - older books should be viewable through your website for those interested. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

If you wish to donate, accepted forms include:



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